The Three Incarnations of Sri Vaayudeva

Prathamo Hanuman Nama Dwitheeyo Bheema Eva cha
Poornapragna Treetiya thu Bhagavat Karya- saadah

The first Avatar of Sri Vayu is Hanuman son of Anjana Devi in Tretayuga. His wonderful feats and service to Rama Devaru are described in RAMAYANA.

The second Avatar is Bheema, in Dwapara Yuga, Sri Vayu Deva appeared as Bhimasena and played the most important part in the destruction of the enemies of God. In the whole of Mahabharata, Bhimasena is the most important person who never slipped from the path of righteousness and served Sri Krishna.

The Third Avatar is Sri Madhwacharya in kaliyuga. He was born near Udipi on Vijayadasamiday in the year 1238 A.D. He took to Sanyasa in his 16 th year and became known as 'Ananda Teertha'. Sri Acharya disappeared, while teaching Aitereya Upanishad Bashya to his disciples, in Ananteswara Temple at Udipi in the year 1317 A.D., He is still alive in the Badrikashram on the Himalayas with his Guru Sri Vedavyasa Devaru. The full Biographical details of Sri Madhvacharya are told in "Sri Madhva Vijaya". he chose to serve the Lord and Propounded a Philosophy known as Dwaita Vedanta.


jayakarthik said...

hey mythy wonderful blog
where was it all these days
keep up the good work
i always have confusion with the last three avathar
some say that buddha is also a avathar
but i know its not
some say after ramar krishna comes and so many
but after looking at urs i think i m some what fine with it now
thanks for sharing this wonderful informations

Athato Bramha Jignyasa said...

hi Mythili, a very good compilation! It is nice to see your blog dedicated towards Madhwaharya and Hari Sarvotamatva. I am new to blogging but I am trying to write about Madhwacharya, his teachings, and Dvaita philosophy. You can visit my blog site at Adhyatmic Jignyasa.
I have a comment for JayaKarthik. Lord Buddha is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and not Lord Vayu. Lord Vayu has had other ansha incarnations in the past, for e.g. 'Jada Bharata'.

USHA said...

Hi Mythy,

It was very interesting to get to know such valuable information dear...